The modern tourist “dream, plan, book, lives, says,” and it does more and more from his smartphone, tablet from her, from her pc.

An evolution that is taking place from the 50s, when the TV “has expanded our time in the consumption of the medium,” says Francesca Capobianchi, EMEA SMB marketing & amp; communications executive of Facebook.

In fact, among the most popular social network in the world and tourism there are many elements of communion, as stated by the study of PhocusWright: Tourism on Facebook is the category most discussed, shared and commented.

This is also confirmed Andrea Lai, sales manager of Italy Facebook: “after intimating and personal communications, on Facebook are those related to travel the most important element in the platform.”

In fact, on average, the post on a shared journey are four times more than any other topic of Facebook. The making of a social network “element to explore the possibility of making a trip” in practice “makes it possible.”

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Here’s the most important fact: 95% of users use Facebook to research on the trip. In practice, almost all users’ lives on Facebook activity related to the choice of the holiday.

In this regard, Lai points out that people tend to use the medium “as a platform that helps them in all stages of planning the trip. Besides being an important tool in the definition of the structure where you are staying. “As proof of what has become the protagonist of the life of those who love the world of social, 99% of Facebook users “is the status update (on your profile, ed) before you even unpack your suitcase,” adds Capobianchi.

In Italy using Facebook 19 million people a day on average, about 70% of the population digital active in our country!

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If the invention of Mark Zuckerberg is one of the means through which more and more people discover the possibilities related to the holidays, it is needless to say that, for companies in the sector, it becomes increasingly important to use the social network as a channel communication.

But, attention, not enough to be present: the potential customers are more and more “experts” and careful in the use of the platform and present itself in the right way is essential.

Avoid the “do it yourself”, driven by the apparent ease of use of the medium. The diffusion techniques of post, the use of insight, the campaign strategies etc …, that is, everything that turns a simple Facebook presence into real results for your company, are complex things, stuff to the experts. Facebook offers a huge audience and particularly interested in the tourism, for this should not be underestimated but treated with respect and attention.
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