Once in our countries there was what they called ‘zuventu’, (today we would call informal group), were young that no statutes, meetings and reports, product, agreed to mount the dance, organize some noisy dinner or some game ‘ballunettu’.
Times change and social structures and the countries tend to become residential suburbs of nearby cities, oases of suggestion for Nordic tourists, quiet retreats for the elderly and also changes the ‘zuventu’: today in Civezza, is the Cultural Association of San Marco and stands as an active element to energize the reality in which it is immersed.
The idea of Circopaese born with the intention to test a hypothesis feasibility; overthrowing the habit, pay a country in a circus. Check whether an austere structure agro-rural as ours can become track of games and wonders without denying its reality intimately ancient, enhancing his own architectural beauty, its geographical position, the full hospitality of its people.
Unusual and therefore demanding enterprise, which involved dozens of people, re economic, energy, money.
Voila, an announcer would say, let’s start saluting the illustrious public and all authorities, artists and friends who have collaborated on Circopaese.