After a summer low profile among the bizarre climate and the crisis, real or imaginary, for tour operators also the winter season seems to occur less favorable aspects. Yet by the Tourism Fair has just ended in Modena there was some interesting indications: winter you choose to go on vacation more often with day-time reservations. It is essential therefore that tour operators offer greater flexibility both in times of arrival and departure for both the rules of the services, facilitating the potential tourist so make it a “holiday ad hoc”. Cuddle, this is the watchword.

It is in fact increasingly high percentage of tourists in winter, even more than in summer, want a holiday where you can enjoy the fine cuisine, relaxation (so be everything that approaches the hotel stay in a stay in a SPA), the shopping, relationships. In the end, more than ever, the winter holiday is seen as a relaxing experience and pleasure.
For tour operators is increasingly important to deliver flexible offerings, which include comfort and attention, so as to attract tourists even if outside the time promises rain or cold wind.