A unique offshore

The stretch of sea between Sardinia, Tuscany, Liguria, Monaco and France have particular chemical and physical properties due to the morphology and movement of water that make it one of the richest areas of life in the Mediterranean. This stretch of sea stretching 100,000 square kilometers and has high concentration of marine mammals : whales, dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins, Risso’s dolphins, pilot whales and zifi, plus occasional minke whales in these waters are the necessary conditions all’approvigionamento food.
In order to preserve this habitat have been activated marine and terrestrial protected areas designed to regulate all activities such as boat traffic, fishing and tourism, and avoid damage or disturbance to marine mammals.
The International Cetacean Sanctuary is the result of years of effort and work and is born with the aim to safeguard and ensure the favorable conservation status of the habitat of marine mammals, especially protecting them from the negative impacts direct or indirect effects of human activities.

For sightings while hiking is necessary to observe a wide area of sea to cover all sectors, both close to the boat is on the horizon, and that is why it is essential the contribution of all participants.
Each species of cetaceans has a peculiar behavior when approaching a boat, so before you approach a single animal or a herd is important to understand exactly what it is, adapting boat maneuvers. For this reason, caution is required by all to cause minimal disturbance to cetaceans and to be able to identify and detect the slightest movement.

The excursions have a duration of about 4 hours. On board the ship is always a biology to comment marine sightings, provide information and gather data for research.
It is advisable to wear comfortable clothes and shoes and bring windbreakers, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, photo-video equipment and binoculars.
The trips are canceled in the event of adverse weather conditions. In case of non-sighting the ticket can be reused for another excursion.

Points boarding
Sanremo: the Old Port along the Quayside Vesco near the Coast Guard
Andora: Marina, dockside transit dell’avamporto
Bordighera: Marina, on the square in front of the Coast Guard
Imperia: Porto again Calata Anselmi (Porto Maurizio) along the quay