Naval Museum

The International Maritime Museum of Western Liguria is an important museum of maritime history of the city of Imperia.
Established in 1980 by the commander Flavio Serafini , formerly known as the official hydrographer at the Hydrographic Institute, covers an area of about 700 square meters divided into 14 rooms.
At about thirty years from the opening has collected a wealth of evidence to marinate. It houses historical documents of the Merchant Navy and War , from logbooks passbooks navigation from ‘700 to today. Particularly important is the area devoted to shipbuilding in wood working tools of shipwrights are exhibited alongside the construction plans, the types of wood used and the dioramas of the yards.
A space is dedicated to mapping and instrumentation vintage with important relics including those of the “Red Tent”, in memory of the company’s Italian airship to the North Pole (1928). Interesting the room dedicated to the navigation sail to Cape Horn , where you can relive the epic through the collection of memorabilia, nautical charts, specimens of albatrosses, sailing gear.
Of great importance is the specialist library, which contains magazines in the field of history and naval.

International Maritime Museum of Western Liguria
Piazza Duomo, 11 – 18100 Imperia
Tel – Fax 0183 651 541