Born from an intuition of great Sándor Végh in 1964, the International Festival of Chamber Music in Cervo is one of the scale cultural events of the Liguria Region, established nationwide and worldwide.

The Hungarian violinist discovered the extraordinary acoustics of the churchyard of the Church of Corallini almost by accident. He decided, in collaboration with the Municipal l`Amministrazione and with some musician friends, to give life to a musical event: well Cervo, a charming medieval village overlooking the sea which already hosted artists such as Felice Casorati, Henry Furst, Adalberto Campagnoli, became the point of call of personalities from the world of culture and Dell`arte.

Recall Michelangeli, Richter, Kempff, Annie Fisher, Pollini, Cziffra, Magaloff, Cherkassky, Boukoff, Argerich, Ciccolini, Weissenberg, Kocsis, Demus, Swann, Badura-Skoda, Thiollier, Andras Schiff, Vegh, Menuhin, Gitlis, Ughi, Accardo , Kogan, Franz P. Zimmermann, Gazzelloni, Rampal.

Present a classical music festival in this way, with a list of names, it may be unusual, inappropriate, perhaps even rude. But anyone, not only fans, by reading these names will recognize in them the strength that they are able to evoke: these musicians represent, each in a personal and sublime, the summit aesthetic of over three centuries of music production.

And the churchyard Corallini Deer has had the honor of hosting l`esibizione of each of them.

For this is not enough to magnify the traditional way the quality of our Festival, the impressive square, the place of architecture and medieval ennobles the field of view, because every single detail of the already wonderful place has been sublimated by the passage of these gods of classical music and from them has been made immortal.