Entertainment and Culture

The Casino is the work of French architect Eugène Ferret, and was opened January 12, 1905.
The beauty of the building in Art Nouveau has maintained charm and elegance thanks to appropriate restructuring.
Its history is inextricably linked to the great social events and knows how to combine play and culture, entertainment and social life, in the name of tradition and charm, symbol of fun and fortune.
Inside the casino you can find the most diverse game offerings : Roulette, Chemin de Fer, Black Jack, Fair Roulette, Poker, over 500 slot machines among the most modern, even the touch screen, and latest video poker.

The Casinò di Sabreni has one of the Theatres most elegant and famous of Liguria : in addition to having seen the birth of an internal Italian Song Festival, hosts cultural events throughout the year, such as music and theater example the now thirty-year “Tuesday Literary”, considered the cultural salon of western Liguria, or the frequent concerts of the Symphony Orchestra of Sanremo.