Arma di Taggia

The country is divided into two parts: Taggia, the historic center located in the hinterland of the valley Argentina, and Arma, seaside resort. The two centers are connected by the area called LevĂ  (the name derives from the Roman name to indicate a raised area).

It is about 16 km from the capital.

The district is however very extensive, because it coincides with the lower valley of the Torrente Argentina, from the confluence of the stream Oxentina at the resort San Giorgio, to the sea. It is a large area of countryside characterized by extensive crops – mainly olive trees – in the hills and extensive forests in the mountainous portion, up to the Monte Faudo, the highest elevation of the City with its 1,149 meters.

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Recommended accommodation

Arma di Taggia - Hotel Europa

Hotel Europa **

The Europe Hotel is surrounded by greenery, you can find a few minutes to relax and cool off after a day at the beach.

Arma di Taggia - Hotel Ideal

Hotel Ideal ***

Founded in 1956, is renowned for its cuisine based on fish. Baudino family welcomes you with courtesy and kindness.

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