Dolcedo is located in the valley of the Prino, near the confluence of the river of the Woods with the torrent Prino.

The capital city, called “Square”, is a traditional center of the valley and already home market. The district has four other major centers: Isolalunga, just east of Piazza, Costa Carnara, Beautiful and Lecchiore, places further west.

In Castellazzo a castle was built in 1028 that was owned by the Marquis Oldorico Manfredi. In fact, the town was a highly strategic position, half way of the Roman road from the hill from the hill of San Maurizio passed Poggiobonfiglio, ran through the valley Prino and went to Santa Brigida.
The castle passed after Arduin of Ivrea and then the Countess Adelaide of Susa. At the beginning of the twelfth century it was owned by the Marquis Bonifacio del Vasto, from which later passed to his son, the Marquis Hugh of Clavesana.

In the twelfth century the cultivation of it spread through the work of the Benedictine monks of Lerins, favoring the displacement of the villages downstream. The construction of mills imposed settlements along the waters of the streams where they could be implanted watermills.
In 1505 the Dominican Father Augustine from Savona founded a pawnshop which later merged with the Brotherhood of the Holy Spirit and was active until 1863. Today it houses the town.

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