Apricale, medieval village

Apricale is an ancient and characteristic fortified medieval village that from a hill overlooking the valley of Merdanzo.

Its name means “facing south”, from the Latin “apricus”, a name in full contrast with that of the valley behind the village, “opacus”, exhibited at midnight.

The summer passes between funny occasions to be together: dance parties , evenings of dishes , theater and classical music or jazz with the presence of artists really smart.

The Festival Pansarole falls on the first Sunday of September. Since the early hours of the morning the women of the country are alternated before big pots filled with olive oil where fry pansarole, the typical sweet made with a paste made of flour, sugar and anise, usually accompanied by eggnog .

During the first half of August there is a outdoor theater festival with companies known to national . Contribute to the success of the initiative of some residents Apricale that appear in the shows as listed.

September 8th is the day dedicated to the Patron for the Purification of the Virgin Mary. After the solemn religious services, closes all together with an evening of dancing.

The Tournament Ball Elastic , the most loved sport nell’Imperiese, takes place between the last week of June and the end of August. Matches are played in the village square with 16 teams participating.

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