The territory of Borgomaro includes much of the valley of the stream Maro, crossed by the river in whole Empire. Between the peaks of the mountain territory borgomarese Grande (1,418 m), to the west, and Mount Guardiabella (1,218 m) to the east.

In the range of lower altitude is the cultivation of olives, climbing takes over the chestnut tree, while in the higher areas, about 1,000 m high, stretch endless prairies pasture for cattle.

Borgomaro is about 14 miles northwest of Imperia and 130 km southwest of Genoa.

The City of Borgomaro has about 900 inhabitants, including fractions. The villages are surrounded by green countryside and woods. Silence reigns, the tranquility, the streams flowing placid and swell only during the rains, making them so beautiful. It is the realm of extra virgin olive taggiasca, which binds to a variety of cuisine and appetizing. Do not miss the traditions and typical festivals involving the inhabitants of all the countries of Maro.

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