Dolceacqua Castle

The Doria Castle is an ancient fortification of the Ligurian town of Dolceacqua, in the valley of the nerve, in the province of Imperia.

The manor is inserted in the historic village of the country, overlooking the town and placed in a dominant position.

Originally the structure was composed in the twelfth century by a circular tower – which still exists at the center of the complex – and a smaller building where he lived the office guard. The castle was enlarged in the sixteenth century by the then local lord Stefano Doria, which added to the previous structure a bastion rammed in the eastern sector and the two square towers identical.

Today the structure appears to be divided into two blocks, the front was in fact intended for the control and security of the village and local service, prisons and warehouses; the rear part, connected with the body via a large front yard, was instead the place where they were located environments representation and reception of guests and where resided the local lords.