Andora is located in the westernmost part of the Riviera bordering the Riviera, between the coves of Capo Mele (to the east) and Capo Mimosa (to the west), at the mouth of the river that runs through it Mèrula. The district is divided into the historical centers of Castello, Glue Micheri, Conna, Rollo, St. Bartholomew, St. John and St. Peter historically recognized by the municipal statute.

As for the name of the city, it goes back to the sad story of Andalora. Legend has it that Prince Saracen Al Kadir, during a raid along the Ligurian coast, saw the beautiful Andalora (meaning heath gold) and wanted to kidnap, tying it to the mast of his ship. The betrothed her, Stefanello, joined her at night, while the ship was docked at Capo Mele, but in a vain attempt to free it was discovered and killed. Andalora, for the pain, and not to remain in the hands of the Saracens, he threw himself into the sea. The sacrifice of the young men, according to the legend, urged the prince Al Kadir to convert to the Christian faith. Since then the two neighboring countries of Andora Stellanello and bring these names in memory of the two young men.

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