Diano Castello

Built in the Middle Ages to control the land below, Diano Castello is perched on the heights of the spur which divides the valley of St. Peter from the Varcavello.

The origins of the village have ancient roots: in pre-Roman times here stretched the Lucus Bormani, the sacred grove; then, when it was traced the Via Julia Augusta, there arose a mansio mail. It is not known precisely when the inhabitants of the plain, to escape from the attacks of the barbarians and Saracens, have withdrawn on the heights, creating the first nucleus of the country.
Mentioned in a document of 1033 as pertaining to the Committee of Albenga and then subjected to the Bishop Ingauno, early eleventh century the village became part of the domain of the Marquis of Clavesana from which you redeemed in 1172 becoming a free municipality.

Since 1228 Diano Castello became part of the sphere of influence of the Republic of Genoa who provided valuable assistance during the battle of Meloria in 1284: a galley armed by the people of the country took part in the clash with the Pisan fleet and distinguished himself for bravery, much to make them deserve the title of Magnificent. Bringing together the centers of the valley gave birth to the Communitas Diani, with their own statutes of which there are those of 1363, and a relative autonomy, while remaining within the orbit of influence of Genoa.
With the gradual end to the raids of pirates the population began to abandon the high ground to return to the coast, where most businesses were flourishing, and Diano Castello gradually lost its role as a benchmark for the entire valley in favor of Diano Marina Podesteria which, in the Napoleonic era, he joined.

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