Aircraft FIAT BR20

It is the only specimen of the wreck bomber “Stork” still existing, sunk into the sea on the night of June 13, 1945 in a sandy bottom at 47 meters deep. The BR20 was equipped with two radial engines dual radial 1,000 hp each that still own their 24 cylinders and which are still very well preserved. Going down to the wreck you can see the two propellers and the machine gun dorsal still in place, while the cloth that covered the wings is completely lost. Carefully inside the cab can still be seen, in addition to the yoke and the driver’s seat, the gauge of the aircraft speed related to the wind, and in the underlying part of the aircraft can be noticed part of the cart of the rubber tail and right of the carriage front still intact. Guests usual bomber are big conger, moray eels and red scorpion fish. More rarely, it can spot a dogfish hiding in the wreck waiting dell’imbrunire.