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Hotel Posta70 years ago, our grandparents decided to take up the business hotel dining noting some locals who in 1800 were used for the rest of the travelers and the replacement of the horses of the postal service (hence the name of the hotel and its historic symbol).

In the late ’50s, they decided to expand the business by building what is now the main body of the hotel and using the old structure as a private house. In the 60’s were our parents to continue operating according to their style and their ideas that led, in 1981, to the closing of the restaurant and to a radical renewal of the Hotel to make it closer to the needs of the time.

In 1997, here is reborn the ancient structure with which our Grandfather began which allowed us to further increase the accommodation capacity of the Hotel. And now that we are in the third millennium touches us continue the family tradition, with continuous interventions to keep growing our hotel behind the times, always maintaining that atmosphere of familiarity and friendliness, combined with passion and professionalism that has made that for 70 years, the name of the Hotel Post is always and only been tied to that of the family Olivieri.

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Hotel Posta
Via Sottoconvento, 15
18039 VENTIMIGLIA (Imperia)
Tel. +39 0184 351218
Fax. +39 0184 231600


Free wi-fi
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